European Union Fund

European Union Fund

European Union fund


To establish the Alba Medical Hotel (opening name: BEST WESTERN PLUS Lakeside Hotel) the European Union and the Hungarian State provided financial assistance of HUF 999 977 201 within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan Central Transdanubian Operational Programme.  

By the establishment of the hotel Western Hungary will be enriched with new high-quality hotel facilities, whilst the development will also contribute to creating new jobs within the area. 

Title of the support project: „Establishment of the Alba Medical Hotel****, which increases  regional and national cross-border travel and drives the guests' longterm stays by creating high-quality health tourism services.

Project identification: KDOP–2.1.1/F–12-2012-0012

Start date of the construction: 18th November 2013, End of construction: 30th November 2014, Opened: April 2015

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